Welcome to the Quilting Basket. We are are a family-owned Austin, Texas based Long Arm Quilting service since 2002. We specialize in taking your beautiful quilt top and completing the quilting process with Long Arm quilting patterns & designs hand picked by you.

We also provide full service quilting of quilts, memory quilts, t-shirt quilts, or any other quilt type or design you want. We can handle the entire process starting with the design and preparation of your quilt top. You can provide your own materials and design or choose from our materials and almost unlimited quilting patterns. We welcome quilts at any stage of the quilting process.

Our passion is to keep quilting a fun and enjoyable process so you can continue to make wonderful, family treasures that you and your loved ones will enjoy for years to come. Rest assured that we will take the utmost care in ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Barbara Clark